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,而這些因子都隨年齡與齡期而改變。分析這些資料時,不可以將各項目分開單獨分析。例如:只分析發育速率 (例如不同溫度下的發育速率)時,則忽略了存活率與繁殖率,所得到的結果會以偏概全。唯有利用生命表理論,才能同時考慮所有因子。因為大數據的分析十分困難,為協助學者分析生命表資料,本人提供TWOSEX軟件免費供學者使用,僅要求學者遵守學術道德與誠實引用。

    生命表只是種群生態學研究的起點,唯有將生命表與捕食率結合,才能進一步研究生物防治與害蟲治理,也才能合理規劃大量飼育天敵、預測施藥時期與次數、釋放天敵時機與次數。建議使用者進一步學習CONSUME (可用於取食量、捕食率、寄生率的分析),再與 TIMING (預測害蟲種群生長)結合,就能做好害蟲治理與生物防治。

    為協助各校師生學習生命表理論、捕食理論、電腦模擬、資料分析、科學繪圖、論文寫作,本人提供完整的課程 (至少三天),有需要之學校與單位可與本人聯繫 (hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw)。(課程綱要)

Advanced Ecology Software

    Life table theory is difficult for most scientists.  Life table data is real "big data" and its analysis is quite difficult. But, life table is only the beginning, not the end.  You have to link life table with predation, consumption, parasitism rate for practical application and theoretical study of predator-prey relationship, pest management, biological control, conservation, and sustainable agriculture, etc.  Furthermore, we have to use computer simulation to use these big data to simulate and predict the growth of pest/predator population and the damage/control efficiency to crop/pest.  I offer an intensive workshop "Insect Life Table, Predation Rate, Computer Simulation for Ecological Research, Biological Control and IPM" (3-day to 7-day).   My lecture will help you to understand the details of life table theory, to analyze your life table and predation rate data, to compare the differences between treatments,  and to simulate the population growth and to predict the best time for control.  The differences between the traditional female age-specific life table and the age-stage, two-sex life table will be discussed.  The common errors in literatures will be discussed during the lecture.  If you are interested in the lecture, please contact me (hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw).  (Click here to download the outline of lecture).





        All software are FREE.  However, to protect my intellectual property and academic ethics, all programs can only be used if and only if you agree the condition of the Software License Agreement.  If you agree with the Software License Agreement, you can run them using the password "test".  If you don't agree with the Software License Agreement, you should not use my program and you should delete it from your computer or any other diskette.  Please download the Software License Agreement and read it carefully before you use it. 


        If you need a password for full function, please send an e-mail to me (hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw).  In your e-mail, please give your name, institution, position, and purpose of study.  If you agree with the whole Software License Agreement,  please clearly declare it in your e-mail.  Then I will send you the password for full function.  If you don't agree with the License Agreement, you should not use it.  If you get a copy or the password not directly from me, it is an illegal copy.  Using an illegal copy or distributing my software to anyone, you will be sued for infringement action.



下載授權書 使用所有程式


Download Software License Agreement】

Download Software License Agreement for all programs.



Please read the following review article to get basic knowledge of the age-stage, two-sex life table. If you use TWOSEX in your research, I encourage you to cite this review in the Introduction and Discussion sections.


Chi, H., M. S. You, R. Atlıhan, C. L. Smith, A. Kavousi, M. S. Özgökçe, A. Güncan, S. J. Tuan, J. W. Fu, Y. Y. Xu, F. Q. Zheng, B. H. Ye, D. Chu, Y. Yu, G. Gharekhani, P. Saska, T. Gotoh, M. I. Schneider, P. Bussaman, A. Gökçe, T. X. Liu. 2020. Age-Stage, Two-Sex Life Table: An Introduction to Theory, Data Analysis, and Application. Entomologia Generalis 40(2): 103-124. DOI: 10.1127/entomologia/2019/0936.


Click following links to download the programs.  請選擇擬下載之軟體。

There are two versions of each program.  The "exe" version can be executed without setup.  You may have to run them "As administrator".  It is better to run these program from C: drive.

每個程式有兩個版本。"exe" 版本可以直接執行。建議使用管理員身分執行。(最好從C drive執行)


直接執行版 EXE version

1. TWOSEX-MSChart-exe-B100000.rar (Version 2020.07.30)

2. TIMING-MSChart-exe.rar (Version 2020.07.09)

3. CONSUME-MSChart-exe.rar (Version 2020.07.09)

4. Probit-MSChart-exe.rar (Version 2020.07.09)

5. LeafArea-exe.rar


安裝版 Setup version

若無法使用 "exe" 版本,則必須使用下列版本安裝。最好安裝於C碟。

If you cannot run the "exe" version, you have to setup the following versions. They are now in English interface.  It will be easier for you. It is better to setup the program in C: drive.

1. TWOSEX-MSChart-B100000.rar (Version 2020.07.30)

2. TIMING-MSChart.rar (Version 2020.07.09)

3. CONSUME-MSChart.rar  (Version 2020.07.09)

4. Probit-MSChart.rar (Version 2020.07.09)

5. LeafArea.rar


Because TWOSEX program is linked with CONSUME and TIMING, if you use predation rate to simulate the population growth and predation potential, you have to make sure all three programs are the most up-to-date ones.



All programs are revised frequently.  If you wish to use the most up-to-date versions, please check this webpage to find out whether there is new program available.


Application for personal help or instruction (個別輔導申請書)





If you need personal instruction, please read and complete the application form.

Independent study is very important for all scientists. Only then will you be able to do "critical thinking".

If and only if you have tried hard but still cannot find the solution, you can request personal instruction.

[Click here to download the application form]




【下載使用說明檔案】Download HWO-TO file】

00- How to use TWOSEX

00- How to use TWOSEX-NEW
01- 03-How to run paired bootstrap test

02-How to use 1 by 1 paired test

01-How to detect errors in your data file

02- 3b-Basic definition of life table parameters
03- 05a-Data format of group-reared life table
04- 05-How to prepare data file for group-reared life table
05- 06-How to prepare data file of 12 or 8 hours
06- 06-How to prepare data file of 12 or 8 hours-new
07- 06-How to prepare data file of 12 or 8 hours-new-partial
08- 07-Special case for different preadult stages
09- 09-How to calculate age-specific hatch rate hx and SE of overall hatch rate-new
10- 10-Advantage and Why using two-sex life table
11- 11-How to work with 3D life table
12- 12-How to analyze two types of reproduction
13- 14b-How to analyze data with different life stages
14- 14c-How to analyze data of different life stages in female and male
15- 15-How to compare the female age-specific life and two-sex life table
16- 20-How to collect life table and parasitism rate of parasitoids
17- How to record daily fecundity
18- 01-How to use CONSUME
19- 04-How to link CONSUME with TWOSEX
20- 02a-How to run TIMING-2 with cxj (consumption rate/predation rate).
21- 02-How to run timing 中文
22- 02-How to run TIMING-1

23-How to prepare figures

24-How to use LeafArea

25-How to use Probit analysis


If you have any suggestion, please send it to hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw.


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